What is a Heat Pack

A heat pack is a form of treatment used to alleviate pain and muscle soreness. Heat pack has been known to sooth affected muscles which are painful. For people who are against pain killers it is a good thing to have a heat pack to help soothe pain. It works through gentle application of heat affecting blood vessels and sensory receptors. This relaxes aching muscles and numbs pain that you might be experiencing. These packs are made of various materials and are available in the market.

Types of heat packs

There are a number of different heat packs commercially available today like the bed buddy microwave heat pack. Microwave heat pack or more commonly known as the gel pack, are made of polymer gels inside a sealed pouch. You can use it as cold or hot pack. Putting it in the microwave will heat its gel and it will retain the heat for at least 20 minutes. The Bed Buddy brand is considered one of the leading manufacturer of hot and cold packs available today.

Another type of heat pack is the homemade heat pack. This type can be easily be done at home using available materials. Listed below are the instructions in making your own homemade heat pack.

Making a homemade heat pack

Heat packs can be made of different types of materials like of rubber, cloth, etc. Make your own heat pack at home so as to customize it your liking. For this project you’ll be using the following materials: cloth, scissors, needles and strings. Here are the steps:

  • Find a sock or socks to use for your project. Wash the socks even if they are new to relax its fibers. Washing ensures a heat pack will be comfortable when placed on the skin.
  • Cut and shape the sock to your liking then fill it up with deer corn. Do not fill up to its brim. You will need space to make a knot to hold the deer corn firmly.
  • Once you have tied your knot and the deer corns are held firmly, you can personalize your sock by painting it with your favorite colors. After painting, leave it to dry. You can also hot glue decorations to your homemade heat pack as long as they can withstand heat without peeling.
  • Place the heat pack in the microwave for at least 30 seconds for it to gain heat. Afterwards it can be used to alleviate the pain in the affected area. You can use it several times depending on the durability of the material used.

Here are a few usage instructions that you need to observe when using heat packs.

  • Make sure to use protective gloves in handling the heat pack especially when getting it from the microwave.
  • Let it cool down slightly before placing it on the affected area.
  • Test first the temperature of the heat pack with your hand to eliminate the possibility of burns.
  • Always keep the heat packs clean.